How long is the bridal process?

The bridal process takes about 4 - 6 months after a consultation if set, which is why we advise you to begin the journey early enough

The timeline is too long for me, Can I get an express service?

Yes, we offer an express service but we would need at least three months preferably to complete the entire process, however, we charge an express fee of 25% of the total cost of the dress do let us know your timeline so we can work with that.

I do not live in Nigeria, can you still take my order?

Definitely! We have always worked with international brides. Our process starts with a virtual consultation, we'll share a mood board and illustration once the design is selected and then schedule a virtual measurements appointment where we guide you on how to take some key measurements this is so we can compare that with the full body measurements we receive from you. There'll also be a virtual viewing consultation where we show the dress and fit with a model closest in size (subject to your approval) after the fitting and all is concluded we prepare for shipping.

What are your payment terms?

We accept 70% payment upfront and 30% after the first fitting or viewing consultation

What payment methods are accepted?

You can make bank transfers to our Naira or GBP accounts. If you need additional assistance with payments do let us know

When can I share my mood board?

Yes! we'd love to receive your mood board if you have one

Can I change my design?

You can make edits to the plan when we share the illustration and mood board for approval however a complete overhaul of the design once

approval has been received and production commences is not acceptable.

Who will be at my consultation and fitting?

The design team and client relations will always be available for consultations and fittings

Can I bring in my own fabric?

No, our policies do not allow bringing in your own fabric.

How much should I budget?

The minimum price for bridal dresses is £2500 and the final cost is largely dependent on the finalized design.

Can you replicate a design?

We do not offer replications, but you can share inspiration and elements that you'd like and we'll work with you on incorporating that into the final design.

Does satin have stretch?

Our primary fabric which is satin has no stretch.

Do you make bridesmaid dresses?

No, we do not make bridesmaid’s dresses.

Will there be a fitting?

Yes, we offer at least two fittings and for our international brides, we can do a virtual fitting and also guide your local seamstress for alterations.

How many fittings will I typically need?

Typically we offer two fittings, however, should there be a need for more we'll schedule as necessary.

Would I need to wear a bra?

Our dresses are produced with an internal structure to offer additional support when worn which might reduce the need for a bra. However, if you are more comfortable with wearing a bra then a strapless one would suffice.

 I am working out for my wedding, so should I send measurement updates monthly?

We will be taking your measurements at the first measurement consultation and at the fitting, we'll reconfirm the measurements so adjustments can be made where necessary. If you change dress sizes drastically we might be unable to alter the dress without ruining the style. So we’d advise you to maintain a balanced weight after sharing your measurements.

 Can I bring my family members for my fitting?

You can bring a maximum of two guests for your fitting.

Will my dress be altered?

Yes, usually we make alterations after fittings to ensure the dress is a perfect fit, and there'll also be slight modifications done if the need arises.

Is the veil complimentary?

We offer a standard chapel-length silk tulle veil complementarily however if you'd like a custom veil do let us know during the consultation

Is a corset provided?

Depending on the style we offer a corset for wedding dresses

I do not know how to lace a corset.

If you are working with a stylist, they are well versed in lacing you in, if not then we advise you to attend the fitting with someone that'll also be at your dress up so we can guide them on how it's done.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we ship internationally via DHL but offer a pickup service for Lagos-based bride

 How long does delivery take?

International delivery takes 7-10 working days after the garment is shipped, and a tracking number will also be provided as well

How do you ship the dress?

The dress, corset, and veil are packaged in a shipping box, and for pickups, we'll have the dress in a canvas bag to protect it whilst in transit

 Can I pick up my wedding dress

Yes, you can pick up your dress. At the end of your final fitting, the date and time will be scheduled for pick up

Can I bring back my bridal dress for a revamp?

We currently do not offer this service

Will a team member be available to dress me up for the wedding?

We currently do not offer this service

Do I have to pick up my dress after my fitting is concluded even if my wedding is still far?

Yes, once the final fitting and drycleaning are done a pickup is scheduled. We currently do not offer storage for wedding dresses.

 What should I bring along for my fitting?

We advise you to come along with your shoes, shape wear, and other accessories if you have them

How long does a dress-fitting appointment last?

The first fitting appointment would take 45-1 hour as its more intensive and depends on the fit of the dress but subsequent fittings take less time as the issues might have been ironed out initially

Will I be charged for alterations?

This varies based on what's being altered but should there be an additional charge this will be discussed and shared with you.